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What does ClubHombre have to offer for the Panama sex and Panama hobbying traveler?

ClubHombre has all your Panama Sex, Escort, Massage Parlor, Nightlife, Brothel, Escort, and Hobbying Information.

ClubHombre currently features 57489 photos and 913 Panama photos.

Panama is not well known as a country with hobbying available, but don't let that discourage you, there are plenty of sex outlets for the single male traveler. ClubHombre provides you with the information so you can make the most of your stay and get the best value for your dollar. Where are the best brothels? Which massage parlors provide the greatest value? Am I better off seeking out escorts or visiting a place with services on-site? These questions and more are answered by

Where do you plan on staying? If you plan on partaking the services of beautiful Panamanian, Dominican and Colombian women, you may wish to stay at a hotel near the action. Perhaps you'll want to consider an apartment-hotel with kitchen and laundry facilities. You'll certainly want to stay at a place where you know they will allow female guest to accompany you to your room. We have hotel and apartment-hotel information on places such as The Bristol, Golden Tulip Costa del Sol, Sevilla Suites, Torres de Alba, and more...

The uniformed traveler might visit some popular strip clubs in Panama City such as Elite II(formerly known as Josephines) or Le Palace and spend all of his money inside the bar, going home broke with a hard unit. Alternatively, he may end up spending two to three times what he should spend for an evening of sex. The member will be able to party with the same women and spend 50%-75% less for the same services.

Massage parlors are another popular option in Panama, but which ones do you go to and how do you avoid the scams commonly pulled by taxi drivers? Which ones are better during the day? Which ones are better at night? Which one is open 24 hours? Be prepared with a membership. We'll explain the similarities and differences between massage parlors such as Acuarius, Caribbean Center, Golden Time, Hawaii Center, Sauna Horario, Oasis Massage, River Club, and Royal Elegance.

Are you on a budget? You can save a lot of money on sexual services by visiting the same brothels more commonly visited by locals. Why operate on guesswork or relying on information from locals that view you as a walking ATM. A membership will tell you how to get to inexpensive places like Club Acropol, Club Fenix (formerly Capri Discoteque), Club Miami, and La Mayor. You'll know how much to expect to pay to get there, and what they should be charging you when you arrive so you don't get ripped off for being a foreigner.

Escorts are another option. ClubHombre provides links to websites where you can find a beautiful escort. Know which questions to ask and what to look for when contacting escorts to ensure you have the best time possible and get the best value for your dollar. Inside our pages you can also find negotiation and performance techniques. When do I say "NO"? How do I bargain for a greater length of time? How can I tell ahead of time if she'll put out as promised? will help you answer all of these questions.

An additional value of a membership is being able to interact with other like-minded travelers. You can use our TripBuddies section and post your travel dates on our Calendar to see when other people are traveling to Panama. Our goal is to save you time and money, because every single traveler that has great sex experiences and saves lots of money because of our assistance becomes a loyal supporter!

We feature:

  1. Trip reports from experienced veterans and adventurous newbies about and more!
  2. Detailed information on the sex scene and the wonderful women of Panama. (+photos for Hombre Plus members)
  3. Reviews and suggestions for many major establishments including many smaller ones as well.
  4. Details on where to stay and how to find the best deals.
  5. Tips on how to avoid costly rip-offs and scams. Save time after reading about how to avoid them at ClubHombre!
  6. Online calendar and travel buddy section for meeting up with fellow adventurers.
  7. Detailed suggestions and guides to make your adventures safer, more enjoyable, and more fun.

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